IMG_1900From 6 weeks old to two years of age, we welcome you to our nursery program. Care is individualized for each child. Daily logs are kept throughout the day by the teachers so that parents are informed of their babies’ day. Parents are encouraged to call, visit, and ask questions since caring for their child is a “team effort.”

We read, play with puppets, learn ABC’s and 123’s. Colors and shapes are introduced as well. A calendar is sent home each month with special activities. Bubbles, cool-whip, and jello-fun are always a great hit!

We even help potty-train! Once parents start working on potty-training at home, we will also work with your child and encourage him/her to succeed in becoming potty-trained.

As children develop and grow older, they must move to the next room so that we can best meet their individual developmental needs. Be prepared that your infant will be changing rooms approximately every 6 months until they reach the Wee Twos class. Once your student is two years old, your student will remain in the same age group for the whole school year. Students will be promoted to the next age group at the beginning of each school year.

FBCS & EEC is a Licensed Childcare facility.

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