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University Interscholastic League Meet (UIL)

In the Spring, our school hosts an elementary school UIL meet for private schools.  There will be no school or EEC provided on that day. We will have 200-300 students, teachers and sponsors from schools in this area of Texas.

The students, second grade through sixth grade, compete in Bible Drill, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, Dictionary Skills, Maps, Graphs & Charts, Impromptu Speaking, Number Sense, Listening Skills, Oral Reading, Spelling and Storytelling.

Please encourage your elementary child to participate in this exciting meet.  Also, please volunteer to serve for this meet.  We need many volunteers, and it is a wonderful way to meet new friends from other private schools in Texas.  Students must be passing every subject in order to participate in the UIL Competition.  The report card prior to the UIL meet will determine eligibility.  All grades must be passing (above 70) and have no U's.

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